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International Conference on Sustainable Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Desert Climate 2019

International Conference on Sustainable Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Desert Climate 2019



Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI) is organizing a specialized conference in December 2019 to address the challenges and opportunities in the Energy-Water-Environment (EWE) nexus, in particular the research and technology development requirements for EWE nexus in harsh desert climates. Over 200 researchers, scientists, engineers and stakeholders are expected to attend the four-day event, which will be held at Qatar National Convention Centre from 2-5 December 2019.

Goals and Objectives:

The main goal of this conference is to bring together international experts from academia and industry - as well as relevant stakeholders - to share latest research, technology and innovation developments. Attendees will aim to promote a better understanding of the links between energy, water and environment in order to develop key priority areas for human development and environmental sustainability. One important outcome of this conference will be the impact of the EWE nexus on food security. The conference will help to enhance understanding and find solutions to the specific challenges faced by the intrinsic EWE nexus in harsh desert climates, such as in Qatar. Experts will also discuss how energy and water utilization within the region can be maximized to address water, energy and food security challenges, while fostering a technological environment leading to value creation and impact in society and economy. The conference also aims to bridge the gap between research and industry, and will provide a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue among scientists, researchers, industry partners and policymakers.

The conference is in line with QEERI’s vision and mission of making the institute a reference center at national, regional and international level in the field of energy, environment and water research and technology development, especially for Qatar and the MENA region.

Specific Aims:

  • To identify areas of collaboration on EWE nexus issues on a regional and international scale, and associated technology development and innovative approaches.
  • To understand the challenges and barriers, and to develop potential solutions for relevant issues in the implementation of research in the area of energy, water and environment.
  • To exchange ideas and share knowledge with experts and policymakers from around the world.
  • To bridge the gap between research and industry, and address socio-economic impacts.
  • To highlight the research capacity and capabilities relevant to Qatar and the region on the international stage.


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