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HBKU Enrollment Campaign 2024-25: College of Islamic Studies

22 Feb 2024

HBKU’s commitment to providing students with as many enriching experiences as possible extends beyond the classroom. College of Islamic Studies student Aboubakary Sereme provides a snapshot of the type of extracurricular activities the university has to offer.

Aboubakary Sereme

What inspired you to pursue postgraduate studies with HBKU?

Having two friends who are HBKU alumni was incredibly influential upon my decision to pursue postgraduate studies with the university. I was also impressed by the caliber and reputation of so many of HBKU’s academic staff, alongside the university’s  commitment to academic excellence and building a collaborative and innovative community.  This makes HBKU the perfect place for me to advance my knowledge and make a meaningful contribution to the academic community.

How did HBKU help you to adjust and settle into life at Education City?

HBKU has played a crucial role in my adjustment and integration into life at Education City. The university boasts a comprehensive orientation program that not only familiarized me with key academic requirements but also provided valuable insights into campus culture and community. The dedicated support services, encompassing orientation sessions, mentorship programs, and  easy to access partner campuses played a pivotal role in aiding my navigation of facilities and  available resources. HBKU’s emphasis on community engagement and collaborative learning facilitated  connections with fellow students and faculty members. 

The university's commitment to student wellbeing also became apparent through its organization of  extracurricular activities and  support networks. HBKU’s inclusive environment has fostered a profound sense of belonging, and the presence of a diverse student body has enriched my learning experience by exposing me to various perspectives. Overall, HBKU has been instrumental in shaping my studies through its supportive infrastructure and commitment to holistic student development.

What activities are you involved in outside of your studies?

I’m engaged in a number of activities beyond my studies. I currently represent the College of Islamic Studies (CIS) as Vice President on the Student Representative Council (SRC). Additionally, I serve as President and Trainer of the HBKU Taekwondo Club, an Arabic tutor for CIS students, and member of the CIS Student Council. I also work as an assistant at the HBKU library and am a proud member of the HBKU football team. Last year, I was part of the  committee responsible for organizing educational trips to Bosnia, Turkey, and other destinations.  HBKU has undoubtedly opened up countless opportunities for me to engage in a wide range of enriching experiences. 

Do you have a message for anybody interested in studying at HBKU?

Persist in your determination to study at HBKU, because HBKU is the best place to invest in your future.