GISR and HBKU CPP | Doha Forum 2023

HBKU Highlights Important Topics at Doha Forum 2023

13 Dec 2023

Participants engaged in roundtable discussions focusing on social cohesion and peacebuilding

Dr. Leslie A. Pal, Dean, College of Public Policy, participates in one of Doha Forum 2023’s roundtable discussions
Dr. Leslie A. Pal, Dean, College of Public Policy, participates in one of Doha Forum 2023’s roundtable discussions

Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) played an active role in the Doha Forum 2023, held from December 10 to 11, 2023, under the theme “Building Shared Futures.”

Commenting on the university’s participation at Doha Forum 2023, Dr. Ahmad Hasnah, President, HBKU, said: “Qatar’s prominent role on the geopolitical stage is reflected in the depth and variety of discussions focused on issues of regional and global significance at Doha Forum 2023. HBKU welcomed the opportunity to showcase its role as a policy research bridge in support of Qatar’s priorities and informed decision making through impactful and informed contributions that have reach and relevance.”

The Global Institute for Strategic Research (GISR), in partnership with the Stimson Center, organized two roundtables that attracted the participation of world experts and senior policymakers. The first focused on “Innovative Solutions for Governing AI & Emerging Cybertechnology”, while the second tackled the challenge of “Reinvigorating Peacebuilding: Optimizing Regional Solutions and Revitalizing Global Engagement”. During this session, Dr. Sultan Barakat, Acting Director, GISR, along with other experts, provided insights and reflections on a joint report published by the Institute, Doha Forum, and Stimson Center titled Future of International Cooperation, and shed light on how international institutions can facilitate efforts to prevent, prepare for, and respond to violent conflict in fragile regions and states.

In addition, the United Nations and Doha Forum invited Professor Barakat to moderate a joint roundtable titled “Shaping Peace: Integrated Pathways for Conflict Prevention, Humanitarian Action, and Peacebuilding”, where senior UN officials alongside a number of Ambassadors who have served as presidents of the UN General Assembly, exchanged perspectives on how the effectiveness of the UN’s efforts in conflict prevention, mediation, peacekeeping, and humanitarian aid is tied to varying public perceptions of its actions, and what needs to be done to foster better understanding of its role in conflict zones.

HBKU’s College of Public Policy (CPP) hosted a roundtable discussion on “Policies Today, for a Cohesive Tomorrow,” which explored the concerning decline of social cohesion and its implications for sustainable peace on societies and highlighted the university’s efforts to develop a social cohesion index relevant to the Middle East and Global South. The roundtable included Dr. Leslie A. Pal, Dean; and professors, Dr. Logan Cochrane; Dr. Kim Moloney, and Dr. Anis Ben Brik, Director of the Program for Social Policy Evaluation and Research (PROSPER).

GISR is an independent and multidisciplinary think tank primarily concerned with addressing the global challenges of governance, advancement and peace. It was launched on 1st October 2023 and aims to contribute distinctly Arab and regional perspectives on the most pressing challenges facing Qatar, the Middle East, and the world today.

The CPP accomplishes HBKU’s priority to contribute to effective policy development, evaluation and dialogue in support of QNV 2030. The college today is one of the leading public policy schools and knowledge hubs in the region and globally.