Interview with Dr. Maryam Al-Mannai, Vice President of SA

Interview with Dr. Maryam Al-Mannai, Vice President of Student Affairs

28 Oct 2021

HBKU Marks 10 Years of Innovation and Excellence

Interview with Dr. Maryam Al-Mannai  Vice President of Student Affairs

How would you summarize HBKU’s first 10 years?

Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) has witnessed an unprecedented growth over the years. Despite the short lifespan of the university, it has managed to make many important achievements within a very short period. HBKU has attracted the best students and faculty members from Qatar and all over the world. From its prime location in Education City, HBKU has become an academic institution that stands on an equal footing with the best educational institutions in the world through its distinguished theoretical and applied research, its academic programs that serve the State of Qatar and the Middle East in particular, as well as its efficient and rapid growth.

HBKU is more than just an educational institution. It is an integrated entity that combines a unique academic environment and an innovative system that aspires to achieve unconventional goals in its endeavors.

What are your hopes for HBKU’s next 10 years?

I hope that HBKU will continue to work on achieving its goals of developing integrated educational programs that are on par with the best international programs. Our students are our most important assets. With the recent inauguration of the HBKU Alumni Association, we look forward to tracking their achievements at local, regional and international levels. One of the most important features of our graduates nowadays is that they are able to assume the highest governmental positions in the state of Qatar. They also participate in international events and forums, which enhances and cements the identity and capabilities of the university.

I hope that our graduates will continue their journey towards achieving excellence for themselves and our beloved country, Qatar. HBKU Alumni Association provides long-term value to educational institutions by providing the alumni with an opportunity to stay connected and to continue learning from each other for a long time, even after they leave the classrooms. We look forward to adding more batches to our Alumni Association.

As HBKU continues to grow, does that make your role more exciting or challenging, and why?

It is a challenging role and a source of pride at the same time. There is no doubt that HBKU has great potential that will enable it to grow rapidly as a university. Over time, we have developed and added many new elements and aspects to the experience of students and the HBKU community as a whole. Despite the challenges and difficulties, Student Affairs will remain at the forefront of my interests. This makes me eager to address such new developments and challenges while finding the suitable and effective solutions to all the challenges we face. 

Of course, I feel proud of the constantly increasing number of students and outputs of HBKU, which has played a distinguished role in the State of Qatar and abroad. We strive to offer the best services and programs. I always look forward to seeing the results of the challenges we face, as they strengthen HBKU and move it forward, through its various entities, as a renowned research institution.