Orientation 23:24: Haneen Abu Deeb College of Public Policy, Hamad Bin Khalifa University

HBKU Orientation: Haneen Abu Deeb, College of Public Policy

17 Aug 2023

Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) legacy of positive impact is felt through its graduates, all of whom play active roles in their communities. Inspired by their example, Haneen Abu Deeb hopes to serve her own through effective policymaking.

Haneen Abu Deeb aims to make meaningful contributions to the field of policy and governance while enrolled in the Master of Public Policy program.

What is it about the program, college and HBKU that attracted you to join?

Choosing to pursue the Master of Public Policy program at HBKU’s College of Public Policy (CPP) perfectly aligned with my career development goals. Having previously worked for clients across multiple market sectors supporting their transformation and operational efficiency initiatives while also helping them develop better governance, I have witnessed first hand the influence of policy on an organization’s growth. The College's distinguished faculty, with their wealth of international policy expertise and commitment to engaging with contemporary issues around the world, attracted me in particular as an invaluable resource to further my career aspirations.

What are your aspirations for your time at HBKU?

During my time at HBKU, I aim to gain expertise in policy formulation and implementation while gaining a better understanding of how policies can help corporations, governments, and societies achieve ambitious goals. The opportunity to collaborate with faculty members on research projects will provide me with valuable real-world experience and essential skills to develop impactful policies. I hope this experiential learning journey will enable me to make meaningful contributions in the field of policy and governance.

How do you feel an HBKU education will assist your career goals?

Witnessing the collective success of HBKU’s alumni has provided me with the confidence to pursue this program. The College's multidisciplinary learning environment and guidance of its experienced faculty, who have consistently empowered their students, will equip me with the skills and knowledge needed to confidently achieve my career goals in the field and drive positive change in societies.