The Fourth Edition of Astrolabe Sheds Light on Diverse Topics

The Fourth Edition of Astrolabe Sheds Light on Diverse Topics

12 Nov 2022

Astrolabe continues giving a voice to fresh, contemporary Islamic perspectives from CIS students.

The fourth edition of the student journal is now out

The College of Islamic Studies (CIS) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) has released the highly-anticipated fourth edition of Astrolabe: A CIS Student Research Journal

The publication reflects the scholarship and intellectual inquiry emerging from students during their graduate-level coursework at CIS. The latest edition, published by HBKU Press, sparks academic discussions which are of pivotal relevance for navigating contemporary global debates through an Islamic perspective. 

Astrolabe highlights perspectives as varied as the Islamic aesthetic value reflected in the beauty of nūr or the Divine Light, nationalism in Muslim political thought, Islamic Fintech, and Islamic ethics and vaccines. It shows an understanding of the dynamics of edupreneurship in the region and the challenges of domestic violence. Evoking the applied nature of Islamic studies, the topics bridge the diverse interdisciplinary focus areas reflected in CIS’ degree programs: Contemporary Islamic Studies, Islamic Finance and Economy; Islamic Art, Architecture and Urbanism; Applied Islamic Ethics; and Islam and Global Affairs.

Commenting on the new edition, Dr. Recep Şentürk, Dean at CIS, said: “We are very proud to once again demonstrate the depth of our students’ critical, progressive thinking in this latest edition of Astrolabe. Our contributors have found new ways to explore the connections between the various disciplines. Their writing will enrich readers with its novel perspectives and thought-provoking ideas rooted in the richness of Islamic knowledge traditions. The combined editions of Astrolabe stand out as a very valuable contribution to our efforts at CIS to work towards the revival of the Islamic intellectual ethos.”

“We hope that in the experience of bringing another exceptional edition to publication, that Astrolabe has helped our students begin their journeys as researchers, and raise the visibility of their scholarship among their peers. Each edition serves as a resource for the student research community and offers unique benefits for the students, including the experience in working with peer reviews as well as the publishing process. We are very proud of their outstanding contributions,” added Sabika Shaban, Academics Journal and Publications Specialist and the Journal Manager for Astrolabe at CIS.

With a view to making the scholarly discussions freely available to the broader community, all four editions of Astrolabe: A CIS Student Research Journal are available to download at

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