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Master of Arts in Islam and Global Affairs

Master of Arts in Islam and Global Affairs

The Master of Arts (MA) in Islam and Global Affairs (IGA) is a highly customizable program that provides an opportunity to analyze the place of Islam in the context of global affairs, and the challenges facing global Muslim communities in an increasingly interconnected world.


The program encourages students to be active, autonomous, and critical contributors in their chosen field of research. Through research and integrative lab assignments, they are able to explore complex, interconnected global issues in collaboration with local and international organizations. Graduates of this program will possess the skills to become multidimensional ethical global leaders and change makers.

Students of the program analyze how Islam promotes a concern for human well-being and dignity on a global level. They develop a deeper understanding of how the values of Islamic teachings promote peace and cooperation across cultures, religions, and geographies.

Program Focus

The purpose of the MA in IGA is to provide tailormade opportunities and tap into the expansive institutional network to examine issues pertaining to Islam and the global political infrastructure.

The program offers both traditional and disruptive learning tools, techniques, and methods to study the complex relationships between Islam, human development, and economic transformation in the Muslim world and globally.

The student-centered approach and individualized learning experience embody a global focus, interdisciplinary approach, and practical scope, through the utilization of multiple creative components.

Integrative Lab (I-Lab)
Students are supported with creative design, thinking tools, and production platforms. I-Labs provide personalized working spaces and international exposure to enable them to work on and develop solutions to global problems.


A 36-credit degree program taught over two years in English that includes:

  • Three foundation courses (9 credits)

    • Introduction to Islam and Global Affairs
    • Islamic Worldview
    • Research Methods
  • Three core courses (9 credits)

    • Global Inequalities
    • Islam, Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding
    • Globalization and Faith-Based Development
  • Two specialization courses (6 credits)

    • Special Topics in Islam and Global Affairs
    • A choice of one specialization course out of two options:
      • Islam and Global Governance
      • Humanitarian Action in the Muslim World
  • I-Lab (3 credits)

  • Thesis (9 credits)

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