Strategic Rebuilding and Affordable Housing in the Muslim World
Hamad Bin Khalifa University


Call for Papers Strategic Rebuilding and Affordable Housing in the Muslim World

The Islamic Art, Architecture and Urbanism program at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) is inviting authors to submit their papers for possible inclusion in an edited book, which will be published by an academic press in 2024/25.

The primary objective of the edited book is to explore participatory research methods which can be applied to distinctively regional environments. These environments have suffered from the lack of sustainable development and to address the problem of post-disaster and post-war conflict. International human rights law provides a generic right to adequate housing that covers armed conflicts and occupation. It will draw upon the available resources that reside with the central UN bodies of international law that deal with armed conflicts, and these resources contain norms that would affect housing in conflict zones/post-conflict settings. The global refugee situation is changing and evolving every year. As of the end of 2020, the UNHCR reported 82.4 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. The edited book is a compendium of best practices and illustrates that housing for migrants and refugees can positively support local communities and economies and facilitate their integration.

This edited book brings together the acumen of colleagues from around the region and the world to submit chapter entries to propose strategies and remedies for intervention in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, Malaysia (Rohingya community) and other conflict regions in Asia and Africa. Furthermore, the study highlights the critical role of cities and local administrations in housing provision, the value of sustainable housing, policies to address gender equity, and the urgent need for affordable and sustainable housing, a core objective of UN- Habitat and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Thematic Areas

Both theoretical and empirical contributions are welcome to address the following themes that should guide authors. Proponents are invited to refer to one or several of the following:

  • Urban Sustainability, Environment Protection & Restoration.
  • Housing Justice, Law, and Public Policies.
  • Architectural Design and Engineering.
  • Housing and Finance.
  • Family Cohesion, Gender Equity and Social Capital.

Format and key dates

We require an abstract of each paper in English (500 words).

  • Title of the paper.
  • Name(s) of the author(s).
  • Institutional affiliation(s).
  • Telephone, e-mail.
  • Keywords (5 or 6 words).
  • Author’s bio (100words).

Please e-mail the abstract to Dr. Akel Ismail Kahera, Dr. Sultan Barakat, and Ms. Suzanne Ghadanfar at (


The closing date for submission of abstracts is March 30th, 2023. Authors will be notified within two weeks, and invited to submit the full manuscript (5000-8000 words by July 30th 2023).