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Ability Friendly Coaching the Coach Program – Bronze Level

21 Aug2022
23 Oct2022

To make sports accessible to all, this Coaching the Coaches training program aims to provide football coaches with the practical skills they require to train children with disabilities.

The program, offered as a partnership between Qatar Foundation's (QF) Community Development division and Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) Translation and Training Center, provides a theoretical and practical participant-centered learning approach to develop the required competencies for coaching children with disabilities.

The full program is organized into four levels, each focusing on a particular profile:

  • Bronze level
    • Disability (D), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and moderate to severe learning disorders (SLD)
  • Silver level
    • D/ASD/SLD and Vision impairment (VI)
  • Gold level
    • D/ASD/SLD/VI and Physical Impairment (PI)
  • Platinum level
    • D/ASD/SLD/VI/PI and Deafness (D)


Qatar Foundation's (QF) Community Development division and Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s (HBKU) Translation and Interpreting Institute have come together to offer a program that aims to train football coaches to deliver sessions for players with moderate to severe disability.

In the belief that well-devised coaching approaches will support players' physical, technical, tactical, and social development skills - thus developing their self-confidence and interest - this program is designed to change the current standard of qualifications for delivering sports activities for differently able-bodied persons, in local, national, regional, and international contexts. Skilled practitioners will contribute towards enabling persons with disabilities to practice sports in safe and nurturing environments.

Learning Objectives

This program aims to:

  • Develop multi-skilled football coaches, enabling them to work with players with diverse abilities;
  • Work closely with practitioners to be disability confident;
  • Create a pool of competent football coaches for national and international communities.

Target Participants

Sports Coaches/Teachers

BRONZE LEVEL: AUTISM and Severe Learning Disorders (SLD)


The BRONZE LEVEL will take place between February 27 and May 12, 2022 in a total of approximately 25 contact hours.

The Coaching the Coach Program brings together theory and practice in a blended learning approach. In the Bronze Level, theoretical principles will be acquired in two modules with self-paced learning activities and synchronous discussions. Each online module will offer participants instructional materials to be covered in approximately 3 contact hours.

The theoretical components are followed by in-person practical sessions in which participants will be given the opportunity to interact with specialized trainers and groups of children in the autism spectrum or with moderate to severe learning disorders.

Course Fee: QAR 2,940



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