Atmospheric Water Generation – Perspectives on Performance and Scalability | Hamad Bin Khalifa University
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Atmospheric Water Generation – Perspectives on Performance and Scalability


The scarcity of fresh surface water resources and over-exploitation of groundwater reserves in the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) have led to an increased reliance on seawater desalination for drinking water. However, the region's high relative humidity and temperatures present an unparalleled opportunity for atmospheric water generation (AWG). Currently, most AWG techniques are confined to emergency response or remote locations where traditional water production strategies fall short.

The presentation will unfold in two parts. First, it will delve into the capabilities of the newly developed AWG platform at Khalifa University, highlighting recent pilot tests. These tests include innovative approaches like direct air cooling using Vapor Compression Refrigeration Systems (VCRS) and Air Conditioner Condensate Recovery (ACCR). Second, the presentation will explore a series of groundbreaking material solutions designed for atmospheric water generation. These solutions utilize selective adsorbents, enabling water capture across a broad range of temperatures and relative humidity, with regeneration powered by natural sunlight.

This presentation aims to showcase AWG as a promising solution to enhance water security in arid countries such as the UAE and Australia. Additionally, it will discuss AWG as a complementary option to desalination, offering environmental benefits by avoiding brine generation.