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Sponsored Research Office

The Sponsored Research Office (SRO) was launched in December 2016 under the Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Vice President for Research Office. The SRO contributes to HBKU’s academic and research mission through the provision of pre-award and post-award management for all sponsored research projects.

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Project Title Project Lead Home Entity Research Area Awarded Yearsort ascending
From Waste to Wealth: Eco-Friendly Production of Super-sorbents from Plastic Waste. Dr. Gordon McKay CSE Engineering and Technology 2019
GPS Spoofing Detection Exploiting Dr. Gabriele Oligeri, Pietro Tedeschi, Omar Adel Ibrahim, Isra Mohamed Ali CSE Cybersecurity 2019
The Eye of the Ears : Making the Sound Visible Salim Bouzerdoum, Abdelkarim Khelif, Hamza Baali CSE Sustainable Manufacturing 2019
Entrepreneurship and SDGs: Islamic Perspectives, Global Strategies, Qatari Experiences Dr. Mohamed Evren Tok CIS Social Sciences 2019
1st International Conference on Visualization and Computer-Human Interactions (VisCHI) Dr. Michaël Aupetit QCRI Natural Sciences 2019
Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Model Development Zhaohui Cen QEERI Engineering and Technology 2019
A Personalized and Intelligent Digital Mental Health Platform for Qatar and the Arab World Dr. Mowafa Househ CSE Natural Sciences 2019
Corneal Confocal Microscopy: A Rapid Diagnostic and Prognostic Imaging Biomarker for Neurodegeneration in Dementia Dr. Omar El Agnaf QBRI Medical and Health Sciences 2019
Securing on-line Transactions Dr. Roberto Di Pietro CSE Engineering and Technology 2019
Strong Server Authentication Dr. Roberto Di Pietro, Dr. Savio Sciancalepore , Simone Raponi CSE Cybersecurity 2019