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Sponsored Research Office

The Sponsored Research Office (SRO) was launched in December 2016 under the Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Vice President for Research Office. The SRO contributes to HBKU’s academic and research mission through the provision of pre-award and post-award management for all sponsored research projects.

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Project Title Project Lead Home Entity Research Area Awarded Yearsort ascending
Advanced Air Dehumidification Membranes for Energy Efficient Membrane-based Air-cooling Process Dr. Khaled Mahmoud QEERI Engineering and Technology 2019
Secure Grid Transformation: Connecting the “Grid of Things” to the “Grid of People” Using a Secure Transactive Energy Framework Dr. Gabriele Oligeri CSE Natural Sciences 2019
An Empirical Study of the Marriage and Divorce Experiences of Women in Qatar Dr. Alexandre Caeiro CIS Social Sciences 2019
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Qatar: Charger Design, Grid Integration, and Cost Quantification Dr. Sertac Bayhan QEERI Engineering and Technology 2019
Multiscale Corrosion Modelling for the Oil and Gas Industry Dr. Fadwa El Mellouhi QEERI Natural Sciences 2019
Personalized Care for Qatari Patients with Genetic Predisposition to Hypercholesterolaemia: Better Prediction, Diagnosis and Management CHLS Medical and Health Sciences 2019
11th International Conference on Social Informatics QCRI Natural Sciences 2019
Formulating Sustainable Urban FWE Strategy by Optimizing the Synergetic Effects Among Food, Water and Energy Sectors Dr. Abdukrem Amhamed QEERI Natural Sciences 2018
Tokenisation on the Blockchain for Waste Reduction in the State of Qatar Dr. Tareq A. Al-Ansari CSE Multidisciplinary 2018
Low Cost Wearable Self-Powered Wireless Sensors Network for Real-time Human Activity and Health Monitoring Dr. Amine Bermak CSE Engineering and Technology 2018