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Sponsored Research Office

The Sponsored Research Office (SRO) was launched in December 2016 under the Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Vice President for Research Office. The SRO contributes to HBKU’s academic and research mission through the provision of pre-award and post-award management for all sponsored research projects.

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Project Title Project Lead Home Entity Research Area Awarded Yearsort ascending
"A Miniaturized High-Dynamic-Range Bioluminescence and Fluorescence Biosensing System for Biomedical Applications" Dr. Bo Wang CSE Precision Medicine 2020
Mokafaa: Blockchain-based Transparent Rewarding System to Incentivize People to Commit to Confinement using Wireless Location Monitoring Service Dr. Mohamed Abdallah CSE Transport and Communications 2020
Epigenetics and Precision Medicine Dr. Borbala Mifsud CHLS Medical and Health Sciences 2020
Blending AI and Regulation for Lawful Anonymous WEB Navigation Dr. Roberto Di Pietro CSE Artificial Intelligence, Data Privacy and Cyber Security Laws 2020
Additive Manufacturing of Concrete for Sustainable Construction using Locally Developed Materials Dr. Muammer Koc, Dr. Sami G. Al-Ghamdi CSE Engineering and Technology 2020
COVID-19 Policy Tracker: MENA Government Responses to the Crisis Dr. Andreas Rechkemmer CPP Social Sciences 2020
Sustainable Buildings and their Impact on Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Monem H. Beitelmal QEERI Engineering and Technology 2020
Digitalising International Trade Finance Process: Interrelationships, Constraints and Opportunities Dr. Alexander P. Ezenagu CL Social Sciences 2020
DroNets for Maritime Border and Port Security Dr. Saif Al‑Kuwari CSE Security-related advanced technology 2020
A Multimedial Education Tool for Qatar’s History Dr. Jens Schneider CSE Disruptive Education 2020