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Detecting “Fake News” Before it is Even Written / Dr. Preslav Nakov

Detecting “Fake News” Before it is Even Written



Given the recent proliferation of disinformation online, there has been growing research interest in automatically debunking rumors, false claims, and ‘fake news’. A number of fact-checking initiatives have been launched, but the whole enterprise remains in a state of crisis: by the time a claim is finally fact-checked, it could have reached millions of users. An arguably more promising direction is to focus on fact-checking entire news outlets, which can be done in advance.

Bio of speaker:

Dr. Preslav Nakov's is a Principal Scientist at the Qatar Computing Research Institute. His research interests include computational linguistics, ‘fake news’ detection, fact-checking, machine translation, question answering, sentiment analysis, lexical semantics, Web as a corpus, and biomedical text processing. He received his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley.