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Dr. Hessa Sultan Al JaberFormer Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Qatar

Dr. Hessa S. Al Jaber is a member of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG and the Chairperson of Trio Investment, an investment company for innovative technology that addresses pressing problems in the MENA region.  

Dr. Al Jaber is also the Chairperson of Qatar Satellite Company and Malomatia (Information Technology Services & Solutions) and an independent member on the Board of Directors of MEEZA (IT Services & Solutions Provider). In addition, she serves on several boards, including Qatar University’s Board of Regents, Qatar National Library Board of Trustees, Qatar Community College, Doha Tech Angels Board of Directors, as well as American School Board of Trustees. Furthermore, she is also a member of the United Nations ITU Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development and Co-Chair of the Broadband Working Group on Disinformation and Hate Speech.  

Previously, Dr. Al Jaber was a member of the Shura Council (Consultative Assembly), from 2017 till 2021, which is the legislative body of the State of Qatar. She was also the former Minister of Information and Communication Technology in Qatar. 

Prior to becoming a minister, Dr. Al Jaber held the position of Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR). During her tenure, Dr. Al Jaber led the liberalization of Qatar’s telecommunications market; ushering in an era of choice and competition, she spearheaded the modernization of Qatar’s ICT infrastructure, including founding Qatar National Broadband Network, Eshailsat, and Malomatia.

Dr. Al Jaber has led numerous initiatives to make Qatar a more inclusive society through ICT with the creation of the Qatar Assistive Technology Center (MADA), empowering people with disabilities in Qatar, and was instrumental in streamlining transparency and accessibility with e-Government initiatives.  

Dr. Al Jaber holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Kuwait University, and a Master’s and PhD in Computer Science from George Washington University, Washington, DC. She brings extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of corporate strategy, research and development, capital markets, corporate governance, law and compliance, digitalization and electric mobility.