Qatari Graduates Complement National Aspirations as Agents of

Qatari Graduates Complement National Aspirations as Agents of Positive Change

04 May 2019

Qatari Graduates Complement National Aspirations as Agents of Positive Change

The academic degrees offered at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), are continuously seeking to advance careers and instill stronger ethos of social responsibility. The Class of 2019 was honored at a graduation ceremony on May 4, and is now set for leadership roles in respective fields. 

Studying at HBKU has enabled Qatari graduate, Wadha Al-Marri, to combine two of her lifelong passions – the pursuit of knowledge and social responsibility. Pursuing a Master of Arts in Islamic Studies in Comparative Religions offered by the College of Islamic Studies, opened a pathway for Wadha to explore the essential principles of Islam, and how it contributes to wider aspects of society. 

She believes that no advancement or positive change can occur without learning and knowledge. It is this resounding conviction that strongly influenced her project on  Women's Jurisdictions and Related Provisions, in which she sought to highlight how Shari’a principles contribute to a flourishing nation, and gain in-depth knowledge of how, in her personal capacity, she could bring about change.

“I believe everyone has such a social responsibility to themselves, their family and society at large, and education is the only fitting path to fulfill such a responsibility. We should all make it our duty to actively contribute to the development and transformation of the world around us.” 

“Choosing Islamic studies enabled me to delve into the values and principles of Islam and how they mold and shape a society.”

Abdulrahman Ali AbdulmalikEarning her master’s means far more to Wadhi than receiving a graduate qualification. The occasion signified the accumulation of knowledge and a newfound world awareness that will support her in contributing to the global society she envisions for the future. 

“I am leaving HBKU with an academic degree but I’ve also gained so much more: knowledge, new ideas, broader perspectives, and values, which have all advanced my way of thinking. With the invaluable skills and knowledge gained, I am determined to make a positive impact on Qatar and the wider community.”
Meanwhile, the Juris Doctor (JD) degree at HBKU’s College of Law – a first-of-its kind academic offering in Qatar – is giving young and ambitious Qataris who are looking to further excel in their careers a competitive edge in the workplace. 

For Abdulrahman Ali Abdulmalik, the JD served as a stepping stone for the management professional to complement his existing qualifications in program management and business leadership.
“After taking on a management and leadership role in my organization, I found there was more exposure to legal agreements and signing deals with international firms and foreign states. I felt the urge and devotion to study law, which I recognized would enable me to contribute to these newer aspects of my work. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to combine my knowledge of engineering, management, and law to serve my country to the best of my ability.” 

Hamad Al AbdullaFor Hamad Al Abdulla, the JD program expanded his knowledge, and the rigorous class discussions opened interesting debates through which he gained refreshing perspectives that will serve him in his personal life and professional capacity. 

“Engaging with my fellow classmates and professors gave me more confidence in my negotiation, persuasion, and moderation skills, and this has impacted me as a person. I believe my newly acquired skills will benefit me greatly in my career, and in turn, contribute to society.”

“Obtaining my graduate qualification at HBKU has given me the confidence to excel at different levels in my profession. It drove me to an ‘out-of-box’ thinking approach, which has enhanced my capacity for collaborative work.”