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HBKU Enrollment 2024-25: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

15 Feb 2024

HBKU’s growing alumni community regularly inspires prospective students to continue their academic journeys with the university. These include Al-Hadar Mumuni, who after talking to a friend and former student chose to pursue the CHSS’ Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication program

Al-Hadar Mumuni

What inspired you to pursue postgraduate studies with HBKU? 

After completing my undergraduate studies I was determined to advance my academic knowledge by pursuing a Master’s program in intercultural communication. Fortunately, I had a friend who graduated from HBKU in 2020 who  is currently pursuing his PhD in the United States. He consistently shared overwhelmingly positive feedback about HBKU, providing detailed accounts of the faculty and world-class facilities available on campus, some of which I had the opportunity to explore online. After delving into the CHSS’ Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication program’s structure and hearing my friend’s passionate narratives about campus life, I was left in no doubt about where I should embark upon my next academic journey.

How did HBKU help you to adjust and settle into life at Education City?

In addition to the excellent academic facilities and boundless opportunities for knowledge acquisition, HBKU plays a significant role in shaping individuals holistically. The term ‘Multiversity Experience’ is frequently used in Education City to accentuate the distinctive nature of the campus. HBKU has played a crucial role in helping me adapt to campus life, thanks to the numerous events and extracurricular activities it organizes. These activities  not only aim to  foster academic growth but also key interpersonal and organizational skills.  

Adjusting to a new environment can often be challenging, but that has not been the case for me in Education City and thanks to HBKU. The university ensures there is always something happening, making me feel a constant sense of belonging. Whether through events, clubs, or other initiatives, HBKU has created a vibrant and inclusive community, contributing to an enriching experience.

What activities are you involved in outside of your studies?

I am currently engaged in various activities outside of my academic studies, including the  position of Community Development Advisor (CDA) in Male Student Housing. Additionally, I am honored to serve as the Student Representative Council (SRC) President for the CHSS and  General President of the SRC overseeing all  SRC Presidents. In this latter role, I contribute to the effective coordination of student representation. 

Beyond my SRC duties I actively participate in the English Debate Society where I currently hold the position of  President.  I also dedicate time to volunteering for various initiatives related to Qatar Foundation (QF) and Education City. I co-authored the QF First Year Experience (FYE) guide/handbook and was  privileged  to volunteer at the FIFA World Cup 2022, which stands out as the best experience of my life. 

Do you have a message for anybody interested in studying at HBKU?

My time at HBKU has surpassed all my expectations and my life has taken a turn for the absolute best. The faculty is remarkably approachable, creating an environment that consistently makes me feel welcome. Coming from a background where curiosity was often discouraged, I have found this a refreshing change. The professors not only encourage but also eagerly welcome all contributions and criticisms. They are also willing to dedicate additional time to ensure our understanding of the subject matter.

I could compose an entire book expressing my gratitude to HBKU for shaping the person I am today. Opting to study here equates to choosing a bright future and embarking on an extraordinary adventure.

Al-Hadar Mumuni is a current student enrolled in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication program.