HBKU Welcomes Largest Incoming Cohort To-Date

HBKU Welcomes Largest Incoming Cohort To-Date

21 Aug 2022

Significant milestone achieved as local and international students begin journey in a wide range of multidisciplinary programs with unprecedented Qatari enrollment

HBKU was able to attract its largest incoming cohort to-date

HBKU recorded a momentous achievement when it welcomed 349 geographically-diverse students hailing from local, regional, and international backgrounds to the 2022-2023 academic year. Combined, the students constitute the largest postgraduate cohort that HBKU has had since its establishment in 2010.

Students coming into HBKU’s six colleges include 63 international students and 187 residents, with 97 Qataris making up nearly 30 percent of the new cohort, an increase of 50 percent from last year.

In its brief yet impactful history, HBKU has shown that it is resolute in its commitment to Qatar and its research ecosystem. HBKU is steadfast in equipping its students to play an active role in shaping their knowledge-based economy. It utilizes a distinct and internationally-compatible set of academic and non-academic tools to achieve its goal of building local capacities and supporting entrepreneurial and innovation-driven leaders.

Commenting on the achievement, Dr. Michael J. Benedik, HBKU Provost, said: “HBKU is extremely proud to welcome its largest cohort to date. This milestone highlights the great progress the university has made in its relatively short time. HBKU has established itself as a forward-thinking university, is committed to solving critical challenges facing Qatar and the world, and boasts world-class faculty and facilities on par with the world’s best. While students come to HBKU to pursue their individual aspirations, they also recognize the extraordinary opportunities HBKU can offer them to become leaders in their chosen fields, and through their research contribute to the advancement of Qatar’s national priorities and to HBKU’s reputation for innovation and excellence.”

HBKU delivers 35 multidisciplinary graduate programs and one undergraduate program to a global standard. Each of the programs were developed to cater to specific and broad challenges confronting Qatar and the world. At the helm are HBKU’s high-achieving faculty and scientists with outstanding track-records in their fields.

HBKU also operates three national research institutes mandated with sustainability, precision medicine, computing, and environment and energy research subjects. Applications to HBKU’s next entering class begin in October 2022.