Interview with Eng. Soud Al-Tamimi, Vice President of Operations

Interview with Eng. Soud Al-Tamimi, Vice President of Operations

28 Oct 2021

HBKU Marks 10 Years of Innovation and Excellence

Interview with Eng. Soud Al-Tamimi Vice President of Operations

How would you summarize HBKU’s first 10 years?

Establishing a top research university is never a simple mandate. The first 10 years were truly an amazing journey that was filled with high ambitions and complex challenges. With the support of all stakeholders, those challenges were translated into great successes. In those successful 10 years, HBKU formulated its long-term strategy and strategic plan. Hiring the right people, allocating the necessary resources and deploying the best systems and technologies were also critical to our success during those years.

What are your hopes for HBKU’s next 10 years?

I have no doubt that the coming 10 years will be even more successful. This is because we have great teams in academic, research and administration who are working together to achieve even greater results. Colleges and research institutes are well positioned to offer students an unmatched experience, where they learn from the best faculty then practice and explore with the best researchers. Many of our important new initiatives and support systems will be ready soon and will provide the support our university requires to further excel in its teaching and research.

How do you view HBKU’s continuous growth as it continues to support Qatar’s efforts to achieve QNV 2030?

Our programs and research will continue to grow and HBKU will be among the top institutions contributing to all the pillars of QNV 2030 through building the nation’s most important asset, its human capital, and through our multidisciplinary approach in addressing Qatar’s national challenges in our teaching and research. HBKU has established a strong network of local and international partners to work collaboratively on important advancement on multiple fronts.