CIS Astrolabe

Issue #02

Islamic Finance in the Digital Era

Essa Hamad E A AlMansouri

The Master-Disciple Relationship in Buddhism and Islam

Muhammad Waseem Ashraf

Islamic Values in Islamic Art

Aamna Azad

Impact of Life Coaching on Students' Wellbeing and Engagement Levels in Qatar

Abderrahmane Dedeche

The Application of ‘Urf in Islamic Law with Regards to Ḥijāb

Zehra Hazratji

Preserving interreligious coexistence in Albania.

Ardela Hyka

Assessing the Prospects of Islamic Insurance in Ghana

Fadlurahman Tameem

Towards an Islamic Basis for Veganism

Zinnira Shaikh

Michel Quibers' Methodology in Analyzing the Structure of the Qur'an

Mohamed El Moujawad