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Dr. Fouad Alshaban

Dr. Fouad Alshaban

Senior Scientist
Neurological Disorders Research Center
Qatar Biomedical Research Institute

Joint Associate Professor
College of Health and Life Sciences

  • Phone+974 4495 6160


Dr. Fouad Alshaban graduated from the Baghdad College of Medicine, and became involved in the field of preventive medicine. He obtained his MSc and PhD in Public Health and Occupational Medicine from the University of Glasgow and Royal College of Physicians of Ireland respectively. He held many different positions as a Scientist working in academia and as an Associate Professor in Occupational Medicine and Public Health. He was also a Planner and Advisor in different medical institutions, including the Iraqi Ministry of Health. Prior to joining the Shafallah Medical Genetics Center in 2009, he was Research Program Manager at Washington Hospital Center in association with Johns Hopkins University Hospital. He was Head of Research at the Shafallah Medical Genetics Center where he was involved in setting up research policies and regulations as well as the establishment of the Institutional Review Board. 

Currently, Dr. Alshaban works as a Senior Scientist at QBRI Neurological Disorders Research Center. Dr. Alshaban has published three books in the field of Public Health, Infectious Diseases and Nutrition and has published many articles in medical and non-medical magazines and journals.


Research Interests

Dr. Alshaban’s research interest lies in the epidemiology of genetic diseases, particularly autism. He was involved in two QNRF funded research projects where he investigated the genomics, anthropology and social impact of genetic knowledge in Qatar in collaboration with the University College of London, UK. In addition, he was the Lead PI of the research project titled “Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Qatar” in collaboration with the Oregon Health & Science University and Cleveland Clinic, USA. The prevalence study involved screening more than 70,000 school children between the ages of 5-12 years for ASD. Moreover, Dr. Alshaban played a main role in the translation and validation of the Arabic version of the Social Communication Questionnaires (SCQ) used for large sample screening for ASD (Aldosari et al., 2018). Dr. Alshaban has more than 15 years’ experience in ASD phenotyping and ASD epidemiological research. He published the first paper on Autism in Qatar (Alshaban et al., 2017), and published a paper on Qatar and Autism in the Springer Encyclopedia of Autism Spectrum Disorders (Volkmar, 2017).



Dr. Eric Fombonne

Oregon Health and Science University, USA

  • Dr. Mohammed Aldosari

    Cleveland Clinic, USA

  • Dr. Mohamed Tolefat

    Shafallah Center for Persons with Disabilities, Doha, Qatar

  • Dr. Nazim Haider

    Rumaila Hospital, Doha, Qatar

  • Professor Thomas Frazier

    John Carroll University, Cleveland, USA

  • Dr. Latha Soorya

    Rush University, Chicago, USA

Selected Publications

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