Core Facilities

Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) that include induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and embryonic stem cells (ESCs) provide an excellent platform for studying human development, disease progression modeling, drug screens and cell-based therapies.

Stem Cells and Genome Engineering Core

The main objective of the Stem Cells and Genome Engineering Core is to facilitate the development of basic and translational stem cell research by providing scientific advice, iPSCs derivation, directed differentiations and genome engineering services to researchers. The facility is fully equipped with standard and state-of-the-art cell culture, cell biology and molecular biology equipment.

The Stem Cells and Genome Engineering Core is currently working with QBRI’s Neurological disorders, Diabetes teams and with Harvard Stem Cell Institute for generation and engineering of iPSCs and their directed differentiation into cortical neurons, brain organoids as well as pancreatic beta cells.

Resources and Services


  • Fully equipped cell culture facilities
  • Quarantine tissue culture room
  • Automated cell colony picker
  • 3D cell culture expansion and differentiation platforms
  • Amaxa 4D and Neon Electroporators


  • Consultation and project design.
  • Generation of human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).
  • Karyotypic and pluripotency characterization of human iPSC and embryonic stem cells (ESCs).
  • Genome engineering services to create isogenic human pluripotent stem cell (ESCs and iPSCs) lines as well as gene knockout/in via CRISPR/Cas9, TALENs, Recombinases and transposases.
  • 3D adoption and directed differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells (ESCs and iPSCs) in a small-scale bioreactor setting.
  • Directed differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells (ESCs and iPSCs) into cortical neurons, brain organoids and pancreatic beta cells.
  • Training and supervision of thesis students utilizing ESCs and iPSCs in research projects.

Major Instruments and Services

Major Instruments
  • Automated Cell Colony Picker
  • Tissue Culture Capabilities
  • 3D Cell Culture Expansion and Differentiation Platform
  • Amaxa 4D Electroporator
Major Services
  • Generation of hiPSCs
  • Karyotype and Pluripotency Characterization of hiPS and hESCs (hPSC)
  • Directed Differentiation of hPSCs to Beta Cells, Neurons, and Organoids
  • Genome Engineering of hPSCs by CRISPR/Cas9
  • Consulting and Training