Core Facilities

In line with QBRI’s vision to improve and transform healthcare through innovation in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, the investigators at QBRI are involved in clinical and translational research projects in collaboration with local, regional and international clinicians and hospitals.

Clinical Research Core

The main mission of the Clinical Research Core (CRC) is to provide standard operating procedures and resources to collect different bio-specimens to support QBRI’s researchers in order to advance and promote the clinical and translational research enterprise at QBRI.

Resources and Services

Services and Resources

  • Standard Operating Procedures and templates for collecting different biospecimens, including blood, saliva and urine
  • Processing of biospecimens
  • Labeling of biospecimens
  • Storing of biospecimens in secure freezers
  • Training for Research Assistants
  • Research assistant for short and long-term dedication to projects
  • Consumables for biospecimens processing and storage
  • Streamlining of Data and/or biospecimens transfer between QBRI investigators and between QBRI investigators and external collaborators
  • Data Storage for Future Research


The CRC is equipped with the necessary equipment required for the proper and safe handling of different types of biospecimens.

  • BL2 biosafety cabinets
  • Freezers (-80, -150 and -20°C)
  • 4°C Fridges
  • Brooks BioStoreTM IIIv -80°C automated storage system (holds 120,000 1ml cryotubes or 63000 2ml cryotubes)
  • Refrigerated centrifuges
  • Labeling system (BRADY)
  • Barcode reading system

Major Services

Major Services
  • Storing of Biospecimens in Secure Freezers
  • Dedication of Research Assistant for Short and Long-Term Projects