Mr. Mourad Haj Hmida

Mr. Mourad Haj Hmida,
Director of Enrolment and Registration

Mr. Haj Hmida has worked in the field of administration and finance for over 24 years covering industries such as higher education, technology, banking, and consulting. He has a rich international background, having worked in IBM, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, and Capgemini Ernst & Young in Canada before moving in 2007 to the Middle East where he worked in higher education institutions.

His professional interests are in the field of corporate services, academic administration, finance, performance and risk management, process reengineering and system implementations.

Mr. Haj Hmida earned his undergraduate degree at University of Sfax, Tunisia in 1993, and his master’s degree from the University of Ottawa, Canada in 1995. In 2012, he obtained his certification in Management Accounting (CMA) from the institute of Management accountant of Australia.

Prior to joining HBKU, Mr. Haj Hmida held several senior positions in leading universities in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.