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  • Professional Interpreting 1 Workshop CAT Tools & Project Management Workshop

    21 Nov 2016 - 24 Nov 2016

    This workshop is designed for those who want to quickly explore CAT Tools and Project Management.

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  • QCRI–IBM Data Science Connect 2016

    16 Nov 2016 - 16 Nov 2016

    Romeo Kienzler, Chief Data Scientist @IBM Watson IoT, Associate Professor for Data Mining @FHBern, ApacheFlink contributor a)      Introduction to Cognitive IoT using the IBM Watson IoT platform, Apache CouchDB, ApacheSpark and the Theano deep learning framework to detect anomal behaviors in...

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  • Sports Translation Workshop

    11 Dec 2016 - 14 Dec 2016

    Gain exposure to sports writing techniques in Arabic and English, and develop the skills required to be a professional sports translator. Discount scheme available; for more details, please visit:    

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  • Entrepreneurship, Public Policy and Education Nexus: Promoting Qatar National Vision 2030 & Beyond

    07 Feb 2017 - 08 Feb 2017

    A conference hosted by Hamad Bin Khalifa University Funded by the Qatar National Research Fund, Conference and Workshop Sponsorship Program Collaborating Partner: World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE). Download the Agenda

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  • Workshop: Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling

    21 Jan 2018 - 24 Jan 2018

    This is a largely practical workshop which introduces participants to the techniques of intralingual and interlingual subtitling.

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  • The Needs of Al Faqih for Social Sciences

    15 Feb 2017 - 15 Feb 2017

    The public lecture hosted by Al Qaradawi Center for Islamic Moderation and Renewal.

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  • Workshop: Risk Management 4 - Market Risk Between Islamic and Conventional Banks

    02 Apr 2017 - 05 Apr 2017

    A workshop hosted by the College of Islamic Studies. The workshop will seek to provide an introduction to risk management; analyze market risk management in shariah-compliant financial institutions; explore sources of guidance and regulations; study risk management government; and look at market...

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  • Workshop: Foreign Law as Speculation

    12 Apr 2017 - 12 Apr 2017

    The workshop examines how understandings of privacy laws in relation to comparatism can yield two very different (and competing) understandings of it. It will show that the decision to follow one model over the other can have very real implications when it comes to foreign law. The workshop is...

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  • Workshop: Tracing Foreign Law

    19 Apr 2017 - 19 Apr 2017

    This workshop traces the reach of foreign law. It will reference a 2004 French statute on religious dress among school students.The workshop will be delivered by Dr. Pierre Legrand, who holds several positions at the Sorbonne, the University of San Diego, and the University of Melbourne.To register...

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  • Workshop: The Normative Relevance of Foreign Law

    05 Apr 2017 - 05 Apr 2017

    The workshop explores the justification of the foreign law's normative impact, and considers how much normative strength would be acceptable. It uses the example of the US Supreme Court - one of the most influential legal agents - to explore these questions and their far-reaching implications. The...

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