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Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Sponsored Research Office

The Sponsored Research Office (SRO) was launched in December 2016 under the Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Vice President for Research Office. The SRO contributes to HBKU’s academic and research mission through the provision of pre-award and post-award management for all sponsored research projects.

Outcomes Filters

Outcome title Journal/Chapter Home Entity Research Area Type KI Authors Lead Name
Selective Sodium-Ion Diffusion Channels in Na2-xFe3(PO4)3 Positive Electrode for Na-ion Batteries Energy Storage Materials QEERI Engineering and Technology Journal Paper
Bayesian-Emulator Based Parameter Identification for Calibrating Energy Models for Existing Buildings Journal of Building Simulation QEERI Engineering and Technology Journal Paper
Limb-darkening Measurements for a Cool Red Giant in Microlensing Event OGLE 2004-BLG-482 QEERI Natural Sciences Journal Paper
Qatar Exoplanet Survey : Qatar-3b, Qatar-4b and Qatar-5b QEERI Natural Sciences Online Paper
Characterizing Lenses and Lensed Stars of High-magnification Single-lens Gravitational Microlensing Events with Lenses Passing over Source Stars QEERI Natural Sciences Journal Paper
Multi-Label Image Classification by Feature Attention Network IEEE Access CSE Natural Sciences Journal Paper Dr. David Yin Yang Dr. David Yin Yang
Optimized Ni(1-x)Al(x)O Hole Transport Layer for Silicon Solar Cells RSC Advances QEERI Natural Sciences Journal Paper
Slurry Electrodes and Batteries Comprising Slurry Electrodes QEERI Natural Sciences Patent Dr. Hicham Hamoudi
Governance of Natural Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa: What is Qatar’s Role? QEERI Social Sciences Online Paper Dr. Mohamed Evren Tok
Doped but Stable: Spirobisacridine Hole Transporting Materials for Hysteresis-free and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells QEERI Medical and Health Sciences Online Paper