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Sponsored Research Office

The Sponsored Research Office (SRO) was launched in December 2016 under the Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Vice President for Research Office. The SRO contributes to HBKU’s academic and research mission through the provision of pre-award and post-award management for all sponsored research projects.

Outcomes Filters

Outcome title Journal/Chapter Home Entity Research Area Type KI Authors Lead Name
Solar Cells Materials by Design: Hybrid Pyroxene Corner-Sharing VO4 Tetrahedral Chains ChemSusChem QEERI Engineering and Technology Journal Paper Fadwa El Mellouhi
Occupant-Centered Building Energy Performance Analysis 48. International HVAC&R Congress and Exhibition QEERI Engineering and Technology Conference Paper Monem H. Beitelmal
A Novel and Efficient Preconditioner for Solving Lagrange Multipliers-Based Discretization Schemes for Reservoir Simulations ECMOR XVII CSE Engineering and Technology Conference Paper Dr. Ahmad Sami Abushaikha Dr. Ahmad Sami Abushaikha
Numerical investigation pf MIL-101(Cr)/GrO composite performance in adsorption cooling systems 9th International Conference on Applied Energy, ICAE2017 QEERI Engineering and Technology Conference Paper Dr. Mohamad Saad
OGLE-LMC-ECL-11893: The Discovery of a Long-Period Eclipsing Binary with a Circumstellar Disk QEERI Natural Sciences Online Paper
Efficient Antibacterial Membrane based on Two-Dimensional Ti3C2Tx (MXene) Nanosheets Scientific Reports - Nature QEERI Engineering and Technology Journal Paper Khaled Mahmoud, Golibjon Berdiyorov Khaled Mahmoud
Double-Excitation Manifold’s Effect on Exciton Transfer Dynamics and the Efficiency of Coherent Light Harvesting Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics QEERI Natural Sciences Journal Paper
Detecting Drones Status via Encrypted Traffic Analysis Proceedings of the ACM Workshop on Wireless Security and Machine Learning CSE Natural Sciences Conference Paper Dr. Roberto Di Pietro
Governance of Natural Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa: What is Qatar’s Role? QEERI Social Sciences Online Paper Dr. Mohamed Evren Tok
Limb-darkening Measurements for a Cool Red Giant in Microlensing Event OGLE 2004-BLG-482 QEERI Natural Sciences Journal Paper