Leadership | Hamad Bin Khalifa University


Under the leadership of Dr. Omar El-Agnaf, Qatar Biomedical Research Institute has evolved into a leading research institution, nurturing Qatar’s next generation of biomedical researchers. A pioneer in the field of neurodegenerative disease, including Parkinson’s and other related diseases, and the recipient of eight international awards, Dr. El-Agnaf has spearheaded QBRI’s efforts to transform healthcare through innovations in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

His contributions have deepened insights into the molecular pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease (PD) and created new opportunities for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Dr. El-Agnaf’s work has been translated into clinical studies to evaluate the potential use of α-synuclein in body fluids as a diagnostic marker for PD and related disorders. Over the past 20 years, his research group has built an impressive international portfolio, positioning his lab at the forefront of neuroscience research globally.

Dr. El-Agnaf is a frequent speaker at international scientific and clinical meetings and an editorial board member of several international journals. He has published basic and translational research in high-impact scientific journals, reaching close to 125 refereed articles, with 9788 citations to date.