Core Facilities

The Proteomics Core provides services and supports the investigators within QBRI, HBKU’s colleges, and other institutions in Qatar and abroad, with the aim of addressing and solving the protein-based challenges related to their research fields.

Proteomics Core-HBKU

The Proteomics Core provides services and supports investigators at QBRI, HBKU colleges, and other institutions in Qatar and abroad with the aim of addressing and solving protein-based challenges related to their research projects.

This core operates a cutting-edge technological platform, offering users access to high throughput, affinity-based proteomics assays such as Olink, Sengenics, and Simoa. In addition to analytical capabilities, the core also offers additional services, including technological consultation, study design, custom panel selection, experimental design optimization, and biostatistical analysis.


OLINK technology: Protein Biomarker Discovery

Olink technology provides high-multiplex immunoassays using a Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology capable of measuring 92 biomarker proteins across 88 samples simultaneously using only 1 µl of plasma, serum, saliva, or CSF. Olink services offer 13 different panels, targeting a total of 1200 established and/or exploratory human biomarkers panels: cardio-metabolomic, cardiovascular, metabolism, inflammation, immune response, neurology and neuro-exploratory, oncology, organ damage, and cell regulation/development. Each panel is focused on a disease or key biological process.

Sengenics technology: Auto-antibody Biomarker Discovery

Sengenics technology is based on the detection and identification of novel auto-antibodies in plasma or serum using KREX protein array technology. Protein arrays made with the KREX technology are characterized by correct folded proteins that ensure high specificity, reproductivity, and sensitivity. Sengenics services offers 3 different panels and also the possibility of making custom panels. The main panel that is used in the core laboratory is the Immunome Discovery Array, which contains up to 1600 human proteins including kinases, signaling molecules, cytokines, interleukins, chemokines, and cancer antigens. Autoantibody binding is detected and quantified using a Cy3-labelled anti-human IgG and Cy5-labelled anti-human IgM polyclonal antibodies. Signals are recorded using a microarray scanner at 10μm resolution. The output from the microarray scanner (a raw .tiff image file) is extracted using GenePix Pro 7 software and analyzed using Sengenics data processing pipeline.

SIMOA Technology

The HD-X Analyzer from Quanterix is a fully automated digital immunoassay instrument capable of analyzing samples using the proprietary single-molecule array (Simoa) technology and delivering ultra-sensitive measurements of the targeted proteins over a wide dynamic range and with low CV’s. Simoa detects thousands of single protein molecules simultaneously on a variety of different matrices (Serum, plasma, SCF, urine, and cell extract) at femtomolar (fg/ml) concentrations, offering a 1000-fold improvement in sensitivity.


Fluidigm Biomark HD

Used for proximity extension assays (known as Olink technology)

SureScan detection system

Used for Sengenics proteomics technology

HD-X analyzer, Quanterix

Used for measurements of proteins at the femtomolar scale