HBKU Class of 2023: Marwen Hjiri College of Public Policy

HBKU Class of 2023: Marwen Hjiri, College of Public Policy

16 May 2023

HBKU’s Class of 2023 are ready to embark on new journeys where they will constantly apply their experience to positively impact Qatar and the world. In this Q&A, Marwen Hjiri outlines how his capstone project has sparked a determination to better integrate technology and public policy where it is needed most.

HBKU Class of 2023: Marwen Hijiri

Why did you choose Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) and this particular degree program?

Choosing to pursue the Master of Public Policy program at HBKU might not seem like the obvious choice for a candidate with a background in computer science, although I did so with confidence thanks to the university’s multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. The distinctive coupling of technology and public policy at HBKU allowed me to explore the intersection of these two disciplines, propelling me toward a path of innovative problem-solving and intellectual development.

How has your time at HBKU influenced your future plans?

HBKU enabled me to develop my skills and engage with pressing global issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. My passion for incorporating digital solutions into policymaking was fostered by the university's environment, which featured world-class faculty and advanced research facilities. This invaluable experience has had a significant impact on my future plans and ambitions, equipping me with the skills necessary to make a difference in the realm of social policy. As I enter the next phase of my career, I am appreciative of the knowledge, abilities, and experiences that the College of Public Policy and HBKU has provided me with, and I am anxious to make a difference to the world by utilizing these invaluable assets.

What was the highlight of your time at HBKU?

The successful completion of my capstone project at the World Bank, a prestigious organization that provided me with an unparalleled learning opportunity, was one of the defining moments of my academic journey at HBKU. My assignment centered on analyzing the World Bank's procurement database and assessing the efficacy of its existing anti-corruption measures. By working on a project with real-world implications, I was able to gain a deeper appreciation of the complexities and obstacles confronted by public policy professionals.

Collaborating with World Bank experts not only broadened my horizons, but also improved my problem-solving skills. I learned about the intricate dynamics of international organizations and the importance of transparency and accountability in accomplishing sustainable development objectives.

This extraordinary opportunity has undoubtedly had a profound effect on my professional career and endowed me with the skills necessary to face real-world challenges. It has also broadened my understanding of the role technology plays in promoting public policy transparency, accountability, and efficacy. As a result, I am committed to integrating technology and public policy in order to contribute to the betterment of society using my talents and experience.