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Chefi Triki

Dr. Chefi Triki (PhD)

Associate Professor
Engineering Management & Decision Sciences
College of Science and Engineering

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  • Office locationLAS Building


Dr. Chefi Triki is an Associate Professor of Operations Research and Logistics Systems. He holds a PhD in Systems Engineering and Informatics from The University of Calabria, Italy. He has published in top scientific journals and served as keynote speaker at a variety of international conferences. His research portfolio includes several research grants that he has either led or participated in with success, in both Italy and Oman. Throughout his career he has been awarded several research, teaching, and service recognitions for his academic commitment. Dr. Triki has a strong background in developing optimization tools for network design with application to freight distribution, waste collection, groundwater management, manufacturing, and many more.


Research Interests

  • Modelling and solution methods for stochastic optimization problems
  • Optimization methods for logistics and supply chain management
  • Transportation procurement through combinatorial auctions and collaborative logistics
  • Optimization of the water resources management


Associate Professor

College of Science & Engineering, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), Qatar

2019 - Present
  • Assistant then Associate Professor

    College of Engineering, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

    2011 - 2019
  • Assistant Professor

    University of Salento, Italy

    2001 - 2011
  • Contract Professor

    Faculty of Engineering, University of Calabria, Italy

    1998 - 2001


Ph.D. in Systems Engineering and Informatics

University of Calabria, Italy (in collaboration with Edinburgh Univ.)

  • Post-graduate Specialization

    Non-Linear Optimization, University of Calabria, Italy

  • B.Sc. in Electromechanical Engineering

    National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT), Tunisia


Selected Publications

  • Mokhtarzadeh M., Tavakkoli-Moghaddam R., Triki C., and Rahimi Y.

    A hybrid of clustering and meta-heuristic algorithms to solve a p-mobile hub location-allocation problem with the depreciation cost of hub facilities. To appear on Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  • Paydar M. M., Olfati M. and Triki C.

    Designing a clothing supply chain network considering pricing and demand sensitivity to discounts and advertisement. Accepted for publication on RAIRO Operations Research

  • Triki C., Piya S. and Fu L-L.

    Integrating the transportation procurement through auctions with the production scheduling decisions. Networks, 76, pp. 147–163

  • Al-Hinai N. and Triki C.

    A Two-Level Evolutionary Algorithm for Solving the Petrol Station Replenishment Problem with Periodicity Constraints and Service Choice. Annals of Operations Research, 286, pp. 325—350

  • Triki C., S. Zekri, A. Al-Maktoumi, and M. R. Bazargan-Lari

    Optimal Location of Wells for Storage and Recovery of Surplus Desalinated Water in Coastal Aquifers. Groundwater, 58(5), pp. 831-841

  • Mollanoori H., Tavakkoli–Moghaddam R., Triki C., Sabouhi F., Hajiaghaei–Keshteli M.

    Extending the Solid Step Fixed-Charge Transportation Problem to Consider Two-Stage Networks and Multi-Item Shipments. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 137, pp. 1—13

  • Kaveh F., Tavakkoli-Moghaddam R., Triki C., Rahimi Y., Jamili A.

    A New Bi-objective Model of the Urban Public Transportation Hub Network Design Under Uncertainty. Published online on Annals of Operations Research

  • Triki C., Piya S. and Mirmohammadsadeghi M.

    Heuristic methods for solving the pre- auction stage in combinatorial transportation auctions. Computers and Industrial Engineering 106, pp. 182—191

  • Fu L. L., Aloulou M. A. and Triki C.

    Integrated production scheduling and vehicle routing problem with job splitting and delivery time windows. International Journal of Production Research 55(20), pp. 5942—5957

  • Triki C.

    Solving the Periodic Edge Routing Problem in the Urban Waste Collection. Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research 34(3), pp. 1—13