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Andreas Rechkemmer

Dr. Andreas Rechkemmer

College of Public Policy

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Dr. Andreas Rechkemmer is a Senior Professor at the College of Public Policy (CPP) who is responsible for coordinating its Master of Public Policy (MPP) program. Prior to joining HBKU, he was a tenured full professor and held the American Humane Endowed Chair at the University of Denver. Professor Rechkemmer has held senior positions with the United Nations, including that of Executive Director of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change at the United Nations University. He also served as Chief Science and Policy Advisor of the Global Risk Forum in Davos, Switzerland. His previous academic appointments and affiliations include the University of Cologne, Free University of Berlin, Beijing Normal University, Colorado State University and the United Nations University. 

He was principal investigator of various funded projects and managed grants from major science funders, including the U.S. National Science Foundation, the Research Council of Norway and the Federal Government of Germany. 

Dr. Rechkemmer has authored, co-authored and edited several books as well as numerous articles and chapters. He is one of the editors of the forthcoming Oxford Handbook on Complex Disaster Risks and Resilience and the editor of the book UNEO - Towards an International Environment Organization. He is the chief editor of the new book series Sustainable Development in the 21st Century.



Research Interests

  • Public and global policy of sustainable development and environmental affairs
  • Climate change, environmental change, ecosystem services, and social-ecological systems
  • Interdisciplinary perspectives on resilience and disaster risk education
  • Social development, human development, and human security
  • Public health policy and the “One Health” paradigm
  • International Organizations and Global Governance


Professor and American Humane Endowed Chair

University of Denver, USA

2013 – 2019
  • Professor of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources (affiliate faculty)

    Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA

    2011 - present
  • Chief Science and Policy Advisor

    Global Risk Forum (GRF), Davos, Switzerland

    2009 - 2013
  • Senior University Lecturer and Adjunct Professor

    International Master of Environmental Science Program, University of Cologne, Germany

    2007 - 2014
  • Executive Director

    United Nations University International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (UNU-IHDP)

    2005 - 2009
  • Senior Academic Advisor

    United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS)

    2005 - 2008
  • Visiting Research Fellow

    President’s Office, Social Science Research Center (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, WZB), Berlin, Germany

  • Senior Research Fellow

    Research Group on Global Issues, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, SWP), Berlin, Germany

    2002 - 2005
  • Professional Officer

    United Nations, UN Convention to Combat Desertification, UNCCD Secretariat, Regional Unit for Africa, Bonn, Germany, 1999 – 2002, and Liaison Office, Geneva, Switzerland, and Bonn, Germany

    1998 - 1999
  • Visiting Researcher

    Global Issues & Sustainable Development, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, SWP), Munich, Germany

    1997 - 1998
  • Scientific Advisor

    Sustainability in Higher Education, Fraction of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Parliament of the Federal State of Bavaria, Munich, Germany

    1996 - 1997
  • Executive Manager

    Research & Analysis, Entertainment Data Inc., Beverly Hills, USA, Munich Branch, Munich, Germany

    1995 - 1996


PhD. (Dr. rer. pol.) in International Relations and Political Science (specialization: global policy of sustainable development)

Free University of Berlin, Germany

  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Political Science, Philosophy and Theory of Science

    Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany

  • German B.A. equivalent in Political Science

    Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany

  • German B.A. equivalent in Practical and Political Philosophy

    Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany

    1990 - 1991

Selected Publications

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