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Rajai Ray Jureidini

Rajai Ray Jureidini (PhD)

College of Islamic Studies
Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics


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Accepted, Forthcoming:

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Associate Professor of Sociology

Institute for Migrations Studies, Lebanese American University, Beirut

  • Research Consultant

    Migrant Worker Welfare Initiative, Qatar Foundation, Doha

  • Director

    Center for Migration and Refugee Studies, American University in Cairo

  • Associate Director

    Center for Migration and Refugee Studies, American University in Cairo

  • Acting Director

    Forced Migration and Refugee Studies, American University in Cairo

  • Associate Professor

    Sociology, American University in Cairo

  • Associate Professor

    Sociology, American University of Beirut

  • Senior Lecturer

    Dept. Sociology, Monash University, Victoria, Australia

  • Lecturer

    Dept Sociology, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia

  • Lecturer

    Sociology, La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia

  • (Post-Doctoral) National Research Fellow

    Australian National University, Canberra

  • Tutor

    Sociology, Flinders University, South Australia



PhD Sociology

Flinders University of South Australia

  • BA Hons (First Class) Sociology

    Flinders University of South Australia

  • BA (Sociology and Psychology Majors)

    Flinders University of South Australia