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Research Safety Manager

Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science, and Community Development (QF), was founded in 2010 to continue fulfilling QF’s vision of unlocking human potential. HBKU is a homegrown research and graduate studies University that acts as a catalyst for positive transformation in Qatar and the region while having a global impact.

Job Purpose

To lead the overall laboratory safety program at the HBKU RC and satellite labs.

Key Result Areas

  • Develop and oversees the implementation of a comprehensive safety program at the research complex and satellite labs
  • Lead and supervise the safety personnel provided by the safety company service provider comprising of experts in technical safety, health safety, environmental safety, chemicals safety and safety training
  • Oversee the appointment and training of the laboratory safety manager for each laboratory from the commissioning stage and through start-up to operation
  • Oversee the development of a laboratory safety manual for each laboratory completing commissioning and beginning operation
  • Develop and lead the laboratory safety inspection program, whereby each operating laboratory undergoes a periodical safety inspection
  • Ensure labs meet all the safety requirements and if necessary, orders a lab shut down until safety requirements are met
  • Lead a safety inspection team to investigate and provide recommendations and lessons learnt from each safety incident and near miss incident in the Research Complex and other labs
  • Deliver presentations during executive meetings to highlight the safety program, point out any deficiencies and shortcomings, address safety incidents and near misses and highlight any safety concerns.
  • Oversee the safety training program to ensures the quality and effectiveness of the training
  • Participate, review and advise on lab designs and modifications to ensure safety is built into the design, building safety systems, codes and standards are met, fire safety codes are met, chemicals, gases and toxic materials are incorporated in the design, and that required hazard operability reviews are conducted
  • Participate in technical meetings, commissioning meetings and activities, leading to lab commissioning
  • Award permits to labs that meet the safety requirements to start research operations
  • Coordinate environmental safety at the facility overall and also specific to each laboratory. This includes hazardous materials handling and disposal, waste disposal, exhaust systems, disposal of hazardous materials
  • Oversee safe storage of gas cylinders, minimizes use of gas cylinders in the lab and supports their placement in the service corridors
  • Administer a comprehensive, cross-disciplined, and contiunous safety training program to staff and researchers across all labs
  • Other reasonable tasks as assigned by supervisor

Operating Environment, Framework & Boundaries

  • The work will be at the research facility and satellite labs. Work will occasionally be required outside of normal working hours.

Communications and Working Relationships

  • Contractors - regular daily contact to oversee and coordinate work
  • Researchers - works with researchers to ensure safe practices are utilized, safety manuals are prepared, a safety manager is appointed and safety training is provided
  • HBKU Management - contact as needed to provide updates on safety programs, highlight incidents and lessons learnt, and conduct regular safety presentations
  • Design and construction contractors - work closely to capture safety requirements for new labs and facilities, safety design review of labs being remodeled, to ensure safe designs and practices are being provided

Problem Solving & Complexity

  • Evaluates, compares and relates information from across the business
  • Identifies broader implications of proposed solutions across the organization
  • Uses own experience and evidence from theory, other industries and technologies to identify problems and understand situations
  • Reviews existing policy to enable effective problem solving and judgment by the team

Decision-Making Authority & Responsibility

  • Exhibits sound judgment to anticipate potential implications of all decisions; balances benefits and risks and identifies areas of uncertainty
  • Evaluates information by penetrating questions, thus ensuring complete information is available to make an informed decision
  • Arrives at well-researched decisions that balance quality service and cost
  • Encourages and supports appropriate risk taking by subordinates when making decisions

Minimum Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor's degree in science or health and safety. Master's degree preferred
  • 8-10 years of relevant full-time work in R&D facilities and laboratories, 3 of which at a supervisory level
  • Outstanding knowledge of safety in research and lab facilities
  • Experience with managing a safety group specializing in various lab safety functions
  • Excellent writing skills with the ability to draft and edit a variety of written reports and communications and to articulate ideas clearly and concisely; Arabic proficiency is an advantage
  • Proficiency in MS Office applications

How to apply

Please submit your completed application (CV, cover letter and the names of three references with their full contact information) via the following link: Click here to apply

Hamad Bin Khalifa University, being an equal opportunity educator and employer, is committed to maintaining culturally and academically diverse staff of the highest caliber.