Call for Papers: CIS-QFC International Conference

Call for Papers: CIS-QFC International Conference

CIS-QFC International Conference on Islamic Finance and Circular Economy

Islamic finance has come a long way during the last four decades. During its current transformative decade, Islamic finance is facing the challenge of strategic sustainability and in need of revisiting its operational paradigm; as landfills, ecological and environmental degradation, climate change and other factors stressing the planet are widely understood to be the by-products of the current linear approach of the world economy.

This conference, organized by the Center for Islamic Economics and Finance of the College of Islamic Studies with the support of the Qatar Financial Centre, is setting out to probe and take stock of the existing knowledge and prospects for transforming economies to achieve and sustain multidimensional development, bringing together original papers deliberating on Islamic finance and the circular economy.
The conference is calling scholars, intellectuals, and professionals from various academic and industrial disciplines to submit research papers on topics preferably covering any of the following themes:


  1. Circular Economy: An Islamic Perspective 
  2. Circular Economy: Concepts, Models - Challenges and Opportunities
  3. Circular Economy and Islamic Finance
  4. Circular Economy: Urban Innovative Actions and Designs
  5. Transition To Circular Economy: Case Studies 

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Selected papers of high quality will be offered a publication opportunity by a reputable publishing house in the form of an edited book.


Kindly submit your manuscript in Arabic or English by August 31, 2019 at:

There is no submission fee. All papers must adhere to the conference “Guidelines for Authors


  • First Draft of Full Paper Deadline: August 31, 2019
  • Notification of Acceptance: October 1, 2019
  • Final Full Paper Submission: November 1, 2019
  • Conference Dates: December 3-5, 2019


The Center for Islamic Economics and Finance (CIEF) is one of the research arms of the College of Islamic Studies, Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Doha, that is dedicated to the study of relationships between Islamic faith and economic phenomena and the effect on the behavior of individuals, institutions, and markets by broadly examining Islamic perspectives on production, redistribution, and exchange through an interdisciplinary approach. Over the years, CIEF has organized several conferences, namely:

  • 8th International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance (19-21 Dec 2011, Doha)
  • 9th International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance (9-10 Sep 2013, Istanbul)
  • 10th International Conference on Islamic Economics and Finance        (23-24 Mar 2015, Doha)
  • Shariah Governance Systems in a Globalized World (3-5 Oct 2017, Doha)
  • CIS - QFC Global Conference on Awqaf (4-6 Dec 2018, Doha)


For any query, kindly contact:
Zul Hakim Jumat