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Shifting Gears: Accelerating Evaluation Institutionalization in MENA Region


The gLOCAL Evaluation Week is an esteemed event that brings together people and organizations from different regions and sectors to promote evidence-based policymaking, program development, and implementation. It is supported by the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI), a network of experts and organizations that provide countries with the necessary support to enhance their monitoring and evaluation systems.

The Program of Social Policy and Evaluation Research (PROSPER) at CPP actively contributes to this international initiative by organizing a panel discussion that specifically centers around the institutionalization of evaluation within the MENA region.

During the webinar, we will explore the institutional structures and processes that shape M&E practices and the societal dissemination and acceptance of evaluations in the MENA region. To facilitate an in-depth discussion and generate valuable insights, we have modified the session duration for each section to 30 minutes. The four sessions will cover the following topics:

Session 1: Portrait of M&E Systems

  • The current state of M&E systems in the MENA region
  • The driving forces behind the developments in this area
  • The potential consequences of these developments

Session 2: Institutional Structures and Processes (Political System)

  • The national laws, regulations, and policies that shape M&E practices
  • The role of parliamentarian and national audit structures in M&E
  • How organizational structures influence M&E practices
  • The systems, tools, and budgets allocated to M&E by the government and civil society
  • How evaluations are being used

Session 3: Professionalization (System of Professionalization)

  • The academic education and training practices for M&E professionals
  • The existence of professional organizations for M&E professionals in the MENA region
  • How transnational organizations and civil society organizations shape M&E practices in the MENA region
  • How equity and gender considerations are being addressed in M&E practices
  • How climate and sustainability considerations are being addressed in M&E practices
  • The existence of standards for M&E practices in the MENA region

Session 4: Societal Dissemination/Acceptance (Social System)

  • How civil society uses evaluations
  • The public discourse around evaluation in the MENA region
  • How civil society and other stakeholders participate in M&E processes
  • The public perception of evaluation
  • The demand for evaluations

This event will be held in Arabic. 

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