HBKU Announces Three New Community Classes Focused on Holistic Self-Improvement | Hamad Bin Khalifa University

HBKU Announces Three New Community Classes Focused on Holistic Self-Improvement

28 Aug 2017

HBKU Announces Three New Community Classes  Focused on Holistic Self-Improvement

Starting this fall, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) is introducing three new community classes as a part of an ongoing commitment to providing life-longlearning opportunities to all local residents. The courses, which are offered annually,focus on a wide range of self-improvement topics, such as healthy living, public speaking, and self-awareness.

One of the courses targetsthose who arelooking to pursue a healthier lifestyle. During the course, participants will construct their own customized nutrition and fitness plansunder the guidance of Dana Habayeb, a certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant. The class will also focus on weight loss techniques and how to make healthier choices based onproven scientific research. 

Another course is directed towards women who are seeking to gain deeper insights into their personality. The workshop will help participants understand the link between their bodies, minds, and spirits and how they can leverage these elements to lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

The courses also aim to build a community of well-rounded leaders. Career professionals who are interested in honing their self-confidence and public speaking can register for the “Effective Presentation and Public Speaking Skills” course. Training in this course will revolve around effective and professional presentation skills in themodern workplace.It will use advanced techniques for capturing the attention of audiences and for engaging themby using appropriate voices, tones, and body language, depending on the situation.

Commenting on the aim ofHBKU’s community classes,Maryam Al Mannai, vice president of student affairs at HBKU, said: “Initiatives such as HBKU’s community classes help build bridges between the public and the University, and create an environment that values learning and sharing. At HBKU, we recruit the best available instructors who are qualified in delivering an outstanding classroom learning experience. Offered annually, these classes are in line with our community development initiativesand HBKU’s contribution towards achieving Qatar’s National Vision for 2030.”

“I participated in two HBKU Community Classes earlier this year, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself,” said Moza Al Thani, who took the Food Safety and How to Train Yourself courses at the University. She said that the classes taught her how to improve the safety of food, and also increase her metabolism, adding: “I still remember all the details from the classes - they greatly influenced the way I think about the food I consume, and motivated me to make lifestyle changes that greatly impacted my daily routine.”