PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Doctoral program in applied areas of biological and biomedical sciences.

The HBKU Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) PhD is a multidisciplinary graduate program that aims to train the next generation of leaders in biomedical sciences. 

The PhD degree path offers students an education that provides them with an advanced level of knowledge – particularly in applied areas of biological and biomedical sciences – and develops critical and independent reasoning skills.


Outline for the BBS PhD program

Students take their core and elective course requirements in the first two to three semesters in the program and should aim to begin their thesis research no later than the second semester in the program.

During their tenure in the PhD program, students will have regular meetings with their Research Advisory Committee (RAC) -- a committee that will give advice and help oversee the student’s progress.

In Year 2, students take the Candidacy Examination.This exam determines whether the student is ready to begin a period of research aimed towards a doctorate degree. The examination provides the Candidacy Examination Committee and the student with means to assess the student’s mastery of the basic body of knowledge and development of the breadth and depth of scholarship that is expected of PhD candidates.

After Year 3, students take the Comprehensive Examination. This exam allows the Graduate Advisory Committee to thoroughly examine the student's preparation for dissertation research. Successful completion of the comprehensive examination indicates that the student has a broad and in-depth background in biomedical sciences. It marks the watershed from taking courses to being a full-time researcher.

To obtain their PhD, a student will have to write their dissertation and successfully defend it orally.


A 54-credit program, taught in English over four to five years, that includes:

  • Core Courses

  • Elective Courses

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